Highlights of the 2015 Yonex U23 and Junior National Badminton Championships

Triple champions highlight 2015 Yonex U23 and Junior National Badminton Champion in Winnipeg.

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Hudson's Bay and Partners COC & CPC Unveil Official Team Canada Collection For TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games 22 piece kit pays homage to the Canadian flag

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 — TORONTO — On Wednesday, Canada’s iconic retailer,Hudson’s Bay unveiled the official Team Canada Collection for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

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LIve Streaming Masters Event

Live Streaming


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2015 Yonex Alberta...

Badminton Alberta, Calgary2015-05-23 to 2015-05-24MS, WS, MD, WD, XD


Junior Ranking (20-2015)

U20 Boys singles
1  Jason Ho-Shue6,500
2  Clement Chi Hin Chow5,900
3  James Ho5,300
4  Kevin Lee4,550
5  Jonathan Lai4,330
5  Sean Mcgowan4,330
7  Ty Lindeman4,330
8  Stephen Lau3,950
U20 Girls singles
1  Qingzi Ouyang6,500
2  Takeisha Wang5,300
3  Kylie Cheng4,930
4  Kyleigh O'Donoghue4,770
5  Chloe Rowe4,700
6  Danica Kalina Lau4,330
7  Serena Lam3,950
8  Sarah Cauchon3,650
U20 Boys doubles
1  Jason Ho-Shue6,500
   Jonathan Lai 
2  Austin Bauer5,900
   Ty Lindeman 
3  Byron Holcek4,930
   Kevin Lee 
4  James Ho4,550
   Connor Tannas 
U20 Girls doubles
1  Giselle Chan5,900
   Chloe Rowe 
2  Kylie Cheng5,300
   Qingzi Ouyang 
3  Joanne Chen4,000
   Kyleigh O'Donoghue 
4  Sarah Cauchon3,950
   Alyson Ruan 
U20 Mixed doubles
1  Jason Ho-Shue6,500
   Qingzi Ouyang 
2  Ty Lindeman5,900
   Takeisha Wang 
3  Austin Bauer4,550
   Julie Ngoc Pham 
4  Jonathan Lai4,330
   Kylie Cheng 
U17 Boys singles
1  Mathieu Morneau3,250
2  Brian Yang2,500
3  Miklos Kanyasi2,465
4  Kevin Yu Zhong Luo2,350
5  Arnish Patel2,275
6  Bryan Poon2,165
6  Desmond Wang2,165
8  Aaron Zhao1,975
U17 Girls singles
1  Qingzi Ouyang6,500
2  Katie Ho-Shue3,250
3  Wendy Zhang2,650
4  Erin O'Donoghue2,465
5  Cara De Belle2,165
6  Eyota YC Kwan2,160
7  Alexandra Mocanu2,130
8  Vania Wu1,975
U17 Boys doubles
1  Desmond Wang3,250
   Brian Yang 
2  Mathieu Morneau2,950
   Nicolas Nguyen 
3  Kevin Yu Zhong Luo2,465
   Bryan Poon 
4  Victor Chan1,975
   Tommy Yikai Du 
U17 Girls doubles
1  Cara De Belle3,250
   Erin O'Donoghue 
2  Katie Ho-Shue2,650
   Vania Wu 
3  Michelle Yeung2,650
   Wendy Zhang 
4  Annie Chow2,165
   Jessica Yuen 
U17 Mixed doubles
1  Brian Yang3,250
   Katie Ho-Shue 
2  Bryan Poon2,950
   Cara De Belle 
3  Desmond Wang2,650
   Abby Ledda 
3  Mathieu Morneau2,650
   Alexandra Mocanu 



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